2 thoughts on “New Sydney Morning Herald interview

  1. ceade

    Hi William,

    An excellent interview with the Sydney Morning Herald. A great synopsis of your writing career. I really admire your perseverence in sticking with your passion, despite the critics. I remember, at the age of 14, which is now a very long time ago, the love of life was writing and books – these still are. Your courage to continue, even in the face of adversity, is admirable and inspiring. I think your achievements are outstanding and look forward to hearing more about your writing career as you mature, develop and master your craft. Well done!

  2. athenapallas

    Hello Hermes, congratulations on your great interview. You really are one smart cookie and I like your post on getting mean and being honest. It back fired on me recently when a former Adonis of mine started texting me angrily after he read my post. But I agree with you, honest and mean is better than dishonest and bland. And if readers want to see themselves there, well you have succeeded. And age and authorship, yeah too young or too old, when is it ever the right time?


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